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VENUS - Automatic Conveyor for Changing Room

Automatic Lockers Conveyor for Changing Room - Model VENUS

VENUS the innovative conveyor wardrobe for gym, SPA, club, and Employees Changing rooms with a friendly automatic pick-up door, Customers can self-deposit and retrieve safely and security their personal bag.

With VENUS, you can save over 50% of the space, turning it to revenue generation.
With usage of locker bags, you can better control hygiene with periodical washing, lowering cost compared to lockers manual cleaning.
The system can be integrated with gym management systems, it can recognize any type of card, tag, bracelet.

Space saving changing room lockers

VENUS features

Compatible with any Cards and Tags, and HR or other Management system

VENUS locker conveyor is compatible with any Card and Tag. It also supports personal PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition and many more access modes.

Connect it to your H, booking or GYM management system via API.

VENUS changing room automatic locker conveyor wardrobe_reader

Save more than 50% floor space, with our full size customization

Locker conveyor can allow you to save over 50% of your gross floor space, comparing to traditional or smart lockers

Floor plan of conveyor lockers

Reusable and customized Lockers Bag

The locker bags replace the traditional locker boxes.

Locker bags are easy to wash, can be customized in color and logo.

The user can safely store their personal items, with an additional padlock if they wish, and self deposit on the conveyor.

At the same way, they will retreive from the automatic door, using their card or tag.

The system recongnize the users and allows them to get only their own properties, preventing them to take others.

Locker bags for lockers conveyor

VENUS enables security control

In traditional lockers layout, is very hard to control via CCTV, either for privay reason and for complex layoout.
With VENUS, a single access point (the automatic door), is easy to monitor with CCTV.
The system records management allows an effective reaserch in case of any event.

Camera for Conveyor lockers

Easy to use with large touch display

The large display allows logo customization and personalized messages.

Lockers conveyor display
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