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Cryo Ice Bath

A Cryo Ice Bath often for therapeutic purposes. Unlike leisurely baths, Cryo Ice Bath are quick dips in icy water. They can help ease sore muscles by constricting blood vessels and reducing swelling.

The Cryo Ice Bath is the ideal ice bath for 1 to 2 people and can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the equipment. It provides effective cooling and filtration, is ready for use in a short time and allows immersion in the cool water.

       Key Features

  • Digitally controlled chiller cooling down to 3°C.

  • Integrated skim filter for maximum water clarity.

  • Optional weatherproof chiller cabinet for outdoor use.


  • Optional heating element to minimise risk of freezing when outdoors.


  • Ideal for relaxation, retreat and contemplation.


  • Perfect for recovery after sports and for treatment of injuries.


  • Short treatment times due to intense cold.


  • Easy to maintain with fast chill times.


  • Simple to operate and to set up.



  • High quality low temperature digitally controlled chiller.


  • UV disinfection, WiFi connectivity and dry run protection included.


  • Carry handle and transport wheels included.


  • Weatherproof housing optional

Technical Data

Empty weight: c. 150 kg


Capacity: c. 350 litres


Dimensions Spa (L xW x H): 1.55 x 0.79 x 0.75 m


Ice bath cover: optiona

Lowest temperature: 3 °C

Cooling Rate (450 litres): 4° to 5°C per hour

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (Dual temperature): Heating up to 40°C

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