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CryoSpa Sport (Cold)

The CryoSpa Sport offers optimum ice bath therapy and has proven to be an integral part of recovery strategy for many professional sports clubs, accelerating athlete recovery, minimising fatigue, and lowering the risk of injury.


Team CryoSpa Sport (cold/cold)

The Team CryoSpa Sport consists of 2 CryoSpa Sports with a shared set of steps. Each CryoSpa can accommodate up to 4 athletes enabling the whole squad of players to get through quickly.

Soustons France - Copy.jpeg

ContrastSpa Duo (cold/hot)

The ContrastSpa Duo consists of two Spas with a shared set of steps and allows for contrast bathing – alternating hot and cold water immersion.

mini ice bath
mini ice bath

CryoSpa Mini (cold)

The CryoSpa Mini is a portable “ice bath” designed specifically for lower arm therapy. It features a built-in chiller with a digital temperature controller, allowing the water to be chilled as low as 5°C. The combination of massage jets provides intense chilling and accelerated recovery for the lower arm, making it an excellent choice for tennis players.

CoreTx go
CoreTx Go

CoreTx GO

Cooling your palms between weight training sets using the CoreTx GO can lead to performing significantly more repetitions in subsequent sets. Over multiple sessions, this practice can result in substantial strength and fitness gains.

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