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CoreTx GO

Cooling your palms between weight training sets using the CoreTx GO can lead to performing significantly more repetitions in subsequent sets. Over multiple sessions, this practice can result in substantial strength and fitness gains.

The original research into palm cooling was conducted by Professor Craig Heller of Stanford University on behalf of the US Military. Dr Heller reported increases in performance “on a par with the use of steroids” were achieved in bench press and pull up exercises simply by cooling the palm of one hand during training sessions.


Further research showed similar improvements in endurance exercises.


And now CET have developed the CoreTx GO, a palm cooling device that enables both palms to be cooled simultaneously thereby facilitating much shorter cooling sessions.


An early adapter, Matt Lawrence of CrossFit 2012 in London, has been using the CoreTx GO at his facility since May 2022 and reports signifi cant increases in strength and fi tness for both himself and his members. Matt, who is a qualifi ed athletic trainer – he was physio for Team GB at London 2012 Olympics - as well as boasting an MSc in Sports Science says “I was skeptical at fi rst but the results we are getting are really signifi cant“.

Key Features


  • Digitally controlled temperature


  • Cool both palms simultaneously.


  • Fully self contained unit.

  • Plug & play design.

Technical Data

  • Digital temperature display


  • Carrying handle


  • Quick connectors


  • 1 cooling cup


Dimensions [L x W x H]: 0.30m x 0.25m x 0.18m


Weight: 3 kg


Noise level:  c. 45 dB

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