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TRAK - Uniforms & Linen Tracking Software

TRAK is the most advance unifomr & linen tracking system for Hotels, Hospitals, Factories but also Industrial Laundry and Laundry Rental services

TRAK is the tracking system that optimizes the management of Uniforms, Linen and virtually any asset for large organizations (hotels, hospitals, factories…), industrial laundry and rental service.

TRAK allows you to manage and control your Uniforms and Linens with RFID tag.

TRAK enables you to know, at any time and for each material, any information concerning the processing and distribution flow, to identify inefficiencies and dispersions of the garments.

The system is fully configurable according to your needs; it empowers you have an in-depth visibility of entire supply chain of the garments, including: collection, use, delivery of dirty garments, washing, delivery to the user for new use.

TRAK is modular, it can manage the various stages of production of the laundry, wardrobe and at customers and hospital departments.

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TRAK - Uniform & Linen Tracking Software

Features and Advantages

ZCS TRAK Uniforms and Linens Tracking Software

General Characteristics

NATIVE WEB - Absolute portability to all devices (desktop, tablet, Smartphone…)

CLOUD AS SERVICE - Installed in the Cloud

MULTI COMPANY SITE & LEVEL - To manage complex supply chain structures

NATIVE INTEGRATION - Will work with all ZCS systems through ZCS Stargate protocols

JENSEN & KANNEGIESSER - Contains logic and integration functions for dynamic laundry systems

WORKFLOW TOOL DESIGN - Customizable workflow charting and control logic

HF, UHF, LF, BARCODE, QR CODE - Interface is designed to integrate and connect with all identification technologies

DESKTOP ANALYSIS TOOLS - Analysis dashboards and customizable KPI’s

INTERGRATION - Through the «Data Hub», module it can be linked to any management system on the market

USER PROFILING - User accessibility through different permissions to control access

TOUCH READY - Interfaces are designed to be touch screen accessible

CUSTOM LABEL - Labels and graphic printing is adjustable by the user

TRAK Uniforms and Linen management software

Operating Characteristics


Manages, in a single installation 

  • Uniforms, Workwear, Scrub, PPE

  • Custom shaped linens (work clothes)

  • General-purpose linen shaped

  • Medical operating room drapes

  • Flat linen (Sheets, Towels, Etc)

  • Technical sterilization fabrics (Trilaminate sheet)


Manage, in a single production environment, flows of diversified materials:

  • Linen Flat

  • Scrubs and gowns

  • Technical sterilization fabrics


  • The assignment of personalized uniforms, from type to inventory

  • In a single installation, customers in «Tracking» and «Documental» modes

  • The migration of customers from «Documental» to «Tracking» mode

  • The process of assigning personalized uniforms,

TRAK Uniform and Linen Managment Software Hong Kong

Functional Principles

  • PRODUCTION PROGRAMMING - It is possible to program, for each day of the week, the production sequence. The packs of linen, outgoing to the ironing lines, will be assigned to the different customers according to the established order.

  • AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF PRODUCTION ORDERS - The recording of the re‐entry of the dirty material, detected by G66 or G30 systems, automatically generates production orders for the replenishment of the batch.

  • DAILY PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - It is possible to manage, during daily production, reductions and increases in production, advances or delays, temporary and definitive suspensions.

TRAK Uniforms and Linen Tracking Software for laundry, hotel and hospitals

Main Functions

  • PRODUCTION PROGRESS CONTROL - The production progress control monitor allows the verification of the daily trend and compliance with the expected processing times. 

  • AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT OF OPEN ORDERS CARRYOVER - Orders not processed are automatically carried over to the next day, by virtue of the  established schedule.

  • UNMANNED MASSIVE PARAMETRIC MEASUREMENTS - It is "Workflow tool designer" allows you to design multiple control steps and assign, to each of them, specific roles, such as "goods entry detection", "passage in hopper", "washing", "manual sorting", "package creation" and "shipping". Detections that can be performed automatically without human intervention.

  • PRODUCTION CONTROL MONITOR - TRAK allows the monitoring of the material progress within the production and / or logistics contexts.

  • CONTROL, CORRECTION AND NON‐COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT OF PARCELS - The packages, leaving the ironing lines, are checked by the "Virtual Gate" and, according to the rules defined in "Work Flow .." corrected, validated and assigned to the customer. Identification is guaranteed by the automatic printing of an absolutely customizable label, per product and per customer.

  • AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT GENERATION - All detections performed, by virtue of the rules defined in "Work Flow.." can contribute to the creation of documents.

  • CONTROL OF CIRCULATING MATERIAL - For each stage of the process, the number of days of "absconding" of materials can be counted. Special "Desktop" dashboards allow you to analyse the incidence and causes to prevent the problem and manage the problem

  • PARCEL DISPOSAL - It is possible to record the end of the life cycle of each individual material, using the G30 reading stations, determining the reason exactly.

ZCS company picture


For 30 years of experience in software development and hardware solutions for industrial laundries.

Skills in the sectors:

1. Production & Industrial Logistics

2. Complex supply chain design

3. Laundry line business intelligence

The consolidated role of partnership with the major companies in the sector is the best guarantee that ZCS can offer to new customers. More than 500 companies use ZCS traceability solutions every day in Europe, Asia, America and Russia

Call Center

Support in all phases

  • Analysis of the flows of physical and administrative flows aimed at determining the efficiency objectives

  • Management of the change management process aimed at achieving the objective (procedures and operating instructions)

  • Analyse and manage data migration from existing systems

  • Analysis of any need for management integrations

  • Management of the management integration project

  • Design and implementation of e‐learning training plan

  • Classroom training and on the job

  • Installation, start up and Aftersales in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China

  • Definition and monitoring of efficiency

Hotel Uniforms conveyor


  • Total elimination of manual registrations thanks to the automatic generation system of production and delivery orders with automatic printing of transport documents and loading forms/bills

  • Immediate availability of perpetual inventories of all circulating linen, inside the plants, in peripheral warehouses and along the entire distribution and collection chain

  • Reduction of material dispersions thanks to the monitoring system of fugitive times.

  • Optimization of material stocks and absolute control of stagnation thanks to the monitoring system of production and supply chain lead times

  • Reduce customer litigation thanks to sophisticated order determination algorithms based on returned linen counts

  • Complete analysis of the circulating linen stock aimed at planning purchases and analyzing the resistive performance of the products.



  • SC DESIGNER TOOL - It allows the mapping of complex and structured production and logistics organizations. Allows you to manage every type of customer and every type of production structure 

  • WF DESIGNER TOOL - It allows the definition of customized workflows, work phases and control processes diversified by product and by customer  

  • DESKTOP ANALYSIS - allows the design and implementation, without third‐party software components and without the need for developments, of graphic dashboards for the analysis of data and KPI indicators

  • TRACKING - tracking can be performed with all market detection technologies, even at the same time

  • COMPLETE AUTOMATION - complete automation in the production of production orders, delivery orders, transport documents, production declaration, based on the defined logics, applied at the time of material detection

  • AUTOMATION LOGICS - algorithms aimed at the progressive introduction of automation logics (manual to automation step by step)

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