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Stop single use textile, enhance your operations with reusables

Governments and Corporations fight hard the single-use plastic, such as cutlery, straws, bags... but there are vast areas still largely untapped, for example in the healthcare sector: disposable gown, scrub, suit... tons of waste everyday.

Many can tell that is an hygiene issue, well, is not: is an operational issue.

Single use textile is easy to operate, require little or no supply chain control, no quality control... but at which cost?

- Environment, guess why

- Employees, single use are no comfortable

- Economy, as the are far more expensive than reusable one

ZCS Automation is at EORNA Show in Stavanger 🇳🇴 in collaboration with #CHAINGE association to promote #REUSABLE vs Disposable textiles.

“Green healthcare begins in the OR”

Do you want to know how to increase your savings, reduce waste-stream and laundering costs? Join us at booth 20!

-62% Blue water consumption

-38% Natural resource Energy consumption

-80% Solid waste generation

-60% Laundering costs


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