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Which RFID textile tag fixing method suit you best?

Installing RFID chip in the uniforms and workwear is key process for ensure a smooth operation of your Automated Uniforms System.

What are the methods to ensure a secure and resistant installation?

There are many, and the choice depends on many factors, including the type of garment, the stage, the textile.

The most common 3 are:

  1. Source Tagging: sawing directly on the garment, this is recommended when chip is installed directly by the garment manufacturer;

  2. In Pouch: sawing inside a protective pouch, this is suitable when existing garment are retrofitted with RFID chip on spot or on batch;

  3. Patchable: heat-seals the chip directly to the textile, this is the most convenient method when existing garment are tagged during the registration process.

Tags are optimized for the specific installation method, so always discuss with us which method will suit best your operations.

We at ZCS and ProAVANTI manufacture and install automatic system for storage, tracking and dispatching of Uniforms, Workwear and Linen, for Hotel, Medical and Industry sectors. We also support Industrial Laundry and Laundry Rental Service with RFID implementation.

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